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So you’ve decided it’s time to rebrand your business. Out with the old, in with the new. Before you get started, here are a few steps to ensure that you’re ready to make small or big changes.

Make a choice: Partial or total?

This is the first question to answer. A partial rebrand is a little touch-up while a total effort puts everything on the table. If your business is doing well, it’s best to take the partial route. The more established your business, the more you have to lose through a total rebrand. If, through research, you find that you aren’t well known or are recognized for the wrong reasons, then a total rebrand should be in your future.

Let the right ones in

Choose your team carefully. If you have a marketing department or a trusted consultant, then you’re off to a nice start. These are the people who should be driving the process. Get people from across the spectrum in your business, including the people who interact the most with customers, including those who answer the phones. They often are good barometers for what your audience thinks of your goods or services.

Pre-work research is a must

If you believe that, for example, your website and messaging are behind your competitors, look at what they are doing correctly. Then find your own unique way to take the best ideas you find and make them your own. Take mental notes when interacting with your customers. Again, talk with your customer service personnel to see what your audience likes and dislikes about you.

It’s more than your logo

Some businesses just redesign their logo, maybe slap some paint on the walls and call it a day. That’s not a rebrand. While you may decide to do those things, this work goes much deeper. Think about your messaging, your taglines, the types of things you post on social media and the way your staff interacts with customers in the office or the field. One of the main points of a rebrand is to set yourself apart from your competitors. That takes a lot of work and dedication.

Don’t go crazy…unless you can

If your business has a solid reputation and you want to update the brand, that’s great. But don’t overdo things to the point where you become unrecognizable to your customers. Most businesses also have to keep budgets in mind when making changes. Don’t do so much that it hurts when you have to pay the invoice.

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