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Four pillars of building trust as a small business

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Whether your small business is new or established, earning and maintaining customer loyalty is the key to success. Trust is the basis for long-term relationships; just ask the business owner who has been around for decades.

Even if you think you’re doing all you can to set up a reliable customer base there are always things you can improve upon. Here are four pillars on which to build.

Know your social audience

Social media is, of course, a must. Your business needs to take it even further. If your audience is comprised of older customers, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time cultivating an Instagram account. Two-thirds of people age 18 to 29 use the site. Only 8 percent of people 65 and older are on the site. Facebook’s audience tends to be a little older, so put your energy there if that’s your crowd.

Take the lead

Your website and social media accounts are the perfect places to position your business as a thought leader. Blogs, professional white papers and appropriate social media avenues are where your audiences will be looking for your opinions and advice. Create a content marketing strategy that helps formulate ideas regarding what you would like to discuss, with the aim of delivering value to your audience in exchange for them developing a relationship with you and your brand.

Make your website workable

A good and easily navigable website assures visitors that your brand is reputable and encourages them to engage with your services or products. Keep your site updated and informative. Consider a blog that touts your business and showcases your industry. Make sure your site is structured with mobile users in mind (aka responsive design). Studies have shown that a little more than 50 percent of users are accessing websites through a cell phone or tablet and those numbers are on the rise.

Offer opportunities to comment

Make it easy for customers to comment on your goods and services, whether through social media or on sites like Yelp, by including links on your website. Then pay attention to what they say. Yes, you will run across the occasional crank who won’t be happy regardless. Instead, concentrate on solvable issues and customers who have legitimate concerns. You might be surprised by the goodwill you create.

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