We live in a digital world. Information travels at the speed of light and any business that doesn’t keep up won’t experience success.

With that being said, many traditional marketing vehicles still have their place in 2020. For many good reasons, the days of having a solid business brochure never went away. Printed materials can be priced to fit most any budget and allow you as a business owner to have flexibility and impact.

Still need convincing? Here are a few reasons why brochures are still great tools in your sales arsenal.

They’re another touch point

No successful business relies on one medium to reach customers. TV, radio, social media, online ads and a good website are just parts of a marketing strategy. Brochures should be in the mix, too. They are great for in-person discussions and often serve as good conversation starters. Those discussions can start relationships and develop the trust necessary to benefit your business.

They’re great tradeshow material

The most prepared vendors have several takeaways at their booths. While logoed pens, mugs and tote bags have their place, those alone won’t often convince people to do business with you. An eye-catching, concise brochure that details what products or services your business is selling will be the most valuable item potential customers take home. Of course, you have everything on your website, but you first must get people there. Brochures also can make that happen.

They’re good for promotional offers

Calls to action are crucial to making sales. No other medium offers more opportunities to include them than a brochure. Coupons and tear-off offers have been staples of marketing for years for good reason: they work. If you add a code to the coupon, you also have an opportunity to track how that customer came in the door.

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