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Start with these video subjects and you’ll be ready to roll

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In our last blog, we wrote about the importance of incorporating video in your business’ marketing plans. Now, for the next step: What types of content will resonate best with your customers?

Offer a peek behind the scenes

Does your restaurant have a special dish that people enjoy? Have your chef walk viewers through the preparation process. Is your theater getting ready for a virtual production? Consider a livestream of a rehearsal to pique your audience’s interest. People love the feeling that they’re getting to look behind the curtain at their favorite businesses. For a good example, check out the one we recently posted about our large-format department.

Share your knowledge

Every business has a tip or two that it can share with viewers. If you’re an accountant who does tax prep, put together a video that shows how people can stay on top of their finance records so they’ll be ready for filing time. Any video that helps solve problems will be heavily viewed.

Time to testify

If your business is popular, it should be easy to find customers who would be happy to talk about you. Track down a few of your most loyal (keeping diversity in mind) and ask if they would be willing to help. Keep wardrobe in mind (Casual? Dressy?) and make your subjects feel comfortable when recording day arrives. Remember to get their social media handles so you can include them when you post the video.

Live! From your business!

Social media platforms offer live options so if you have a good number of followers (or, really, if you want to build on what you have). “Ask Me Anything” sessions build trust and deliver messages straight from the source. Live videos are also good opportunities to make announcements about new initiatives or upcoming sales.

OK, you’re all in. What about length?

One to two minutes is a good rule of thumb. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in what seems like a short amount of time. Attention spans are short so make your video brief and effective.

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