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Three ways that brand ambassadors can help your business thrive

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If you own or run a business, you have a brand. Hopefully, it’s a positive one that you work to maintain and not one born of negative customer experiences.

Branding is the process of creating a strong, positive image of your company, products and services. It’s key to helping your business stand out. Branding is important because it creates a lasting impression on your target audience.

Speaking of those customers, your biggest supporters can become brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is a person who represents your business in a positive light. They help build trust with your potential customers. They help bring consumers closer to your business.

What do these brand ambassadors do to help your business succeed and grow? Here are a few ways they can be invaluable:

They humanize your brand

Customers put more stock in what they hear from their peers. Third-party endorsements put a human face on your brand and are worth an incalculable amount of advertising dollars. Brand ambassadors become de facto members of your marketing team (and they sometimes don’t even need to be paid).

They help your brand grow

Nothing beats good word of mouth. Treat your customers right and they will tell their friends, who will then tell their friends and on and on. Good brand ambassadors also have active social media feeds, where their praise can reach hundreds, even thousands of people.

They can save your reputation

Dealing with a little bad publicity? Maybe a scorching Yelp review? If you have a strong group of brand ambassadors, they can quickly leap into action to defend your reputation. Having a third party speak up for you on a message board or social media site can shut down or at least deflect negative comments.

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