Ever feel as if your business’ blog is falling flat? You deserve credit for having one in the first place but you obviously need it to be effective and worth your time. A good blog can be the gateway to your goods and services, not to mention fantastic social media content.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you plan blog subjects.

Know your audience

This is Communications 101. If you’re posting blogs that don’t capture your audience, you won’t get far. How do you avoid this issue? Engage with your customers. Take a look at your social media content and see what resonates with them. Start using Google Analytics or something similar to see what people are reading and how long they are spending on it. If people are bailing after a few seconds, you know the subject is a flop. Don’t be afraid to use social to ask your audience what they want to read about. You could develop great content that way.

Never underestimate a catchy headline

We’re not talking clickbait here: “You won’t believe what this celebrity looks like now!” Take a witty approach, use an occasional rhyme or allude to current trends or events. Smart headlines that also deliver on the content that follows bring viewers back to your blog week after week.


As mentioned above, blog posts are great social media content. Along those lines, don’t forget about using LinkedIn for this purpose. Writing interesting blogs and promoting them on your social sites allows for growth in both areas. Putting links to blogs on your social media gives your readers chances to comment, which could influence your subject matter.

Include an option to subscribe

Website platforms have plug-ins that provide the opportunity for readers to subscribe. Having subscribers provides a good barometer of interest in your product and makes it convenient for readers by delivering content to their email boxes. No sense in having to rebuild an audience every time you post.

Be consistent

Choose a frequency and stick with it. Does once a week work? Maybe three times a month? Whatever the case, your blog should be reliably consistent. Don’t let too much time pass between posts and don’t inundate your audience with an avalanche of blogs. Create a content calendar and deliver on it. Your customers will appreciate the effort.

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