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No booth is complete without these essentials

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Trade show booths can be a great investment. They give you a chance to interact with your customers and make new connections.

But you first need to make sure that you’re prepared for your audience. Existing customers have an image of your business that you need to meet and potential consumers could be getting their first impression of you.

With all this in mind, here are a few essentials of a good booth.

Useful giveaways

Everyone has pens and mouse pads, so consider a different path. Hand sanitizer and mints (both packaged with your well-positioned logo) are always welcomed when you’re in a big crowd. Pro tip: Unless your budget allows you to order large volumes, don’t put your giveaways on the table. They will disappear quickly.

A good backdrop and/or tablecloth

You want people to know who you are and what goods or services you provide. Put those front and center on your branded backdrop. If the budget is tight, at least put your logo and colors on a tablecloth. You look unprepared if you settle for a homemade sign with a generic table covering.

Banners and stands

These can either be complementary to a backdrop or serve as a substitute. The best thing about banners is that you can produce them inexpensively and switch them out when you want. Banners are also good places to stick QR codes that direct booth visitors to your website, social medial or a special offer.

Printed pieces

We have written in the past about the value of printed material. A small brochure or product catalog is a good takeaway item. If your table is going to be crowded, consider getting a rack for your printed pieces.

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