Direct mail still works. Check your mailbox for daily evidence.

The big question is what should your business do to ensure that its mail campaigns work. Return on investment is critical to companies of all sizes. The time and money you spend on marketing should create a buzz about your business and bring customers in the door or drive them to your website.

Check out these suggestions to help make your next direct mailer successful.

Ask around

When developing your piece, show the draft to friends for a little honest feedback. If they’re your customers, too, all the better. Just make sure you know that they won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Leave your ego at the door on this one.

Color your world

People receive several direct mail pieces a day. Some catch their eye while others fall flat. Make yours stand out with at least a little pop of color that signifies your brand. Would Target, for example, send an ad that didn’t include a generous amount of red? Follow the leaders to success.

Don’t forget your headline

They should be short and attention-grabbing. Not easy, right? If you nail just the right message, your piece will stand a better chance of prompting action instead of ending up in the garbage.

Make them an offer

Along with a call to action, direct mail pieces must include an offer. Maybe it’s 10 percent or 20 percent off a service or product. Whatever the case, you must give the customer something you think he or she wants.

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We’ve offered tips in the past about direct mailers. Combine those ideas with what we’re offering here to enhance your shot at success.

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