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There’s no trick to treating your customers

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Halloween is almost here and it’s a good time for business owners to ask themselves an important question: Are we tricking or treating our customers?

Give this checklist a look to see if you’re handing out licorice or full-sized candy bars.

Trick: We do what we need to do to keep customers happy.

Treat: We go further than customers expect, making them loyal to our product and excellent brand ambassadors.

Trick: We have a phone tree for people who call.

Treat: We have a real person who answers calls and knows where to direct customers to have their questions answered.

Trick: We don’t say much to customers when they enter our store. They know where to find what they want.

Treat: We have friendly employees who greet people when they walk in the door and are available to answer their questions. We don’t need to follow them around but we’re always there when needed.

Trick: We have a website and social media because everyone does.

Treat: We have a website where our customers can conduct business. We often post specials on our social media sites. We ensure that our website and social media stay updated and relevant.

Trick: We offer specials to new customers because we always need to grow our base.

Treat: We treat long-time and new customers the same. They deserve respect and honesty; it’s the best way to attract and retain customers.

Trick: We have a mission statement, but most of our workers can’t recite it.

Treat: We have a mission statement that our employees know and live every day. It fits our company culture and is the bedrock for satisfying our customers.

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